Tiypology: Motorsailer
Boatyard: Crosera
Model: Motorsailer Crosera Yudith
Years: 1974
Beds: 6

Boat built by the shipyard in 1974 Crosera, Motorising Fiat CP6 (a motor) from 167cv, wooden hull.



- 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 dinette, sleeps 7

- Equipped with GPS, autopilot, VHF radio, stereo system (including rooms)

- Generator, hot water system, 3 bilge pumps (including emergency pump 80 lt minute)

- New sails never mounted

- Tender with engine 9 hp

- Breathable and waterproof fabric covering made.


Boat overhauled and restored by the shipbuilding yards to August 2016.