Yachts projected and built to combine classical style and innovation, functionality and design. The leading concept is to experience the sea in harmony with the environment, performing long cruises surrounded by elegant spaces.

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Fishing Vessels

Fishing boats equipped with advanced and sophisticated technology in order to support and lighten the fisherman's demanding job.

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Our Services

Our team of experts is able to work on any kind of vessel and furnish any kind of assistance. The principal tasks we take care of are: dry berthing, balancing of the boat propellers, maintenance services and refitting.

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Quality and Safety

in the name of tradition 

Our great building skills are added to many services like the construction, reparation and maintenance of boats made of fibreglass, iron and wood; carpentry's works, naval engineering, realization of shaft lines, rudders and propellers. Each operation is performed by shipwrights (“Maestri d'Ascia”) belonging to the professional order of shipbuilders of the district of Venice. We also provide dry berthing, hauling and launching services with 70 tons travel-lift.


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